Sustainable Hackathon for a Sustainable Future

Technology is often created with the intention that it will be obsolete, or break down within a few years. Other times, products may be pushed to market before security features are implemented, without the awareness of the dangers to the consumer. We want to challenge this idea to weave integrity into the products our students create. Each project that we’ll be fostering will choose an area of sustainability, and teams will be awarded points depending on how efficiently they reduce consumer risks specific to their product.

Submit your projects on here before the deadline at 11AM on Sunday, then start prepping your presentation!!

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Please submit your links to github, bitbucket, etc. here. 


Abhirami Sunil

Abhirami Sunil
Hack Lassonde

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How creative was the group with their solution? Did the group come up with an innovative approach or follow patterns of existing solutions?
  • Technical Innovation
    Did the group produce a good and unique solution to the initial problem or challenge? Did they understand the breadth of the problem?
  • Execution (Demo)
    Does the solution/hack work? Is the solution functional and testable to present the minimal viable product? Note the solution doesn’t have to be production ready, but does the solution align with the challenge and come to life during the demo?
  • Design
    Did the group take time to think about the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for their solutions?
  • Business Model
    Is the solution feasible or economically valid in the sense that it is not to abstract?
  • Sustainable
    Does the solution incorporate factors of sustainability into their design, solution, or business model? Has the group thought about how they could make their solution sustainable?
  • Teamwork & Drive
    How did your team work together? How difficult was the project you undertook, and how far did you make it in an environment with heavy time constraints.